The Reading League Oklahoma is excited to host our first annual in-person Symposium and would be thrilled for you to join us! Registration is limited, so don’t hesitate!!!

Join us at the The Reading League Oklahoma Symposium 2023 to gain practical insights on how to translate research into effective teaching practices in the field of literacy. Keynote speakers Linda Farrell and Michael Hunter, Founding Partners of Readsters, will share their extensive experience and passion for teaching struggling readers, offering guidance on evidence-based instruction in the classroom. In addition, breakout sessions led by literacy leaders from across the state will cover topics such as dyslexia, science of reading basics, unlocking complex texts, and writing. Through collaboration and idea exchange, the symposium aims to facilitate the application of research into practical solutions for enhancing literacy education.

Keynote Speakers

Linda FarrellKeynote
Michael HunterKeynote


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Location James L. Capps Middle School
6400 Northwest 63rd Street
Warr Acres, OK 73132


Breakout Session Speakers

Nancy Disteric-HanniganDyslexia and How the Brain Processes Reading
Amanda RaupePhoneme Grapheme Mapping
Sharon Morgan & Jason StephensonUnlocking Complex Text in the Intermediate Grades
Luci Keesee, AmplifyTaking a Closer Look at the Science of Reading
Sharon Morgan & Tonya LaymonReading and Writing - Bringing It All Together
Sandy DossettAssessing Writing and Then What
Amber Elder & Melissa AhlgrimIncreasing the Complexity of Language in the Classroom
Kendra Schenk & Melody AudfillThe Power of Talk
Jenny Kier, Reading HorizonsDriving Effective and Engaging Phonics Instruction Into the Classroom Tomorrow

Sponsors and Partners

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