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When Curriculum Selection Meets the Science of Reading

  • Brief overview of curriculum types
  • Highlight public curriculum reviews and caveats (alignment to standard, state policy)
  • Highlight Curriculum selection tools
  • Local considerations to consider when selecting curriculum (fiscal, legislative, ..)
  • End with knowledge is key — smarter than your curriculum

Alex Frazier, Ed.S., is the Executive Director of Professional Learning at Acadience Learning Inc. and the President of The Reading League Colorado. Ms. Frazier is a life-long learner, passionate about promoting and supporting collaborative implementation of evidence-based research practices. Her experience in education has spanned from teaching within preschool and elementary classrooms, to instructional leadership. Throughout her years in education, she has led professional development efforts within various roles – teacher, instructional leadership, consulting, and in state level implementation efforts within a department of education. Ms. Frazier holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Instructional Technology, and an Educational Specialist degree in Administrative Leadership and Policy Studies. For more than 15 years, she has been providing support to educators across the United States to implement evidence-aligned instruction and assessment.

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